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Chilli Go Green [NC130, CN130]

Chilli Go-Green is here to put together a product range where each product is either made of recycled or renewable materials, or helps reduce usage of Earth’s resources. For instance, by purchasing one of our CPPEC802 Recycled Tote bags, you have saved three 330ml PET bottles ending up as landfill. Or use biodegradable plastic carry bags instead of conventional ones to reduce amount of plastic that harm our oceans, drain and wildlife.

Chilli go Green have executed an agreement with the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) for expedited carbon neutral product certification, which is an offering that CRI provides to businesses with newly established products. Under this arrangement, Chilli go Green has contractually committed to an LCA on its Ultiamte Biodegradable Plastic Bag, and will offset all emissions from the sale of all products that it brands as carbon neutral.

Not only will the Ultimate Biodegradable Plastic Bag reduce the amount of plastic that harms our planet and ends up in landfill but Chilli Go Green has committed to offsetting all greenhouse emissions produced in the manufacture and transport of the Ultimate Biodegradable Plastic Bag.

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Make your business carbon neutral with the Carbon Reduction Institute

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Chilli Promotions [NC130, CN130]

Chilli Promotions accounts for the environmental impact of all elements of production, manufacturing and freight of your order, by offsetting the carbon on your behalf via the purchase of carbon credits. In  conjunction  with  the  Carbon  Reduction  Institute  of  Australia , Chilli Promotions has calculated and accounted for the greenhouse gas emissions impact of all elements of the day-to-day running of the business, including all elements of the production, manufacturing and freight of  all  promotional products by offsetting the emissions produced via the purchase of carbon credits for the Hanuman Biomass Renewable Energy Project, in Chhattisgarh, India.

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Green Promotions [NC192, CN192]

Green Promotions (“Green Promo”) arose out of the need in the promotional products industry for products that looked after our environment.  

Your acknowledgement of that need is our success story and we thank you for it.  

At Green Promotions, we make selecting the right promotional products easy for you. Our “No CO2” program means that you can choose any product you like, knowing that its 100% Carbon Neutral. 

But while we’re enthusiastic about our green products, our first priority is looking after you. So, if the best product for the job is a metal USB drive rather than a bamboo wooden one, then that’s what we’ll recommend. Our aim is to make your promotional product choice an easy and successful one.


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Momento pro [NC174, CN174]

We proudly support the photographic industry through partnerships, sponsorships, events and by hosting the annual Australian, and New Zealand, Photobook Of The Year Awards. We’re always researching new print technologies and developing new products to keep us ,and our customers, at the forefront of international photography and publishing trends.

Our range includes classic and contemporary products and materials to suit a broad variety of uses, clients and budgets. All products are proudly handcrafted in our carbon neutral production facility in Sydney, Australia. 

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Make your business carbon neutral with the Carbon Reduction Institute

To read more about the benefits and process of making your business carbon neutral, please visit the Carbon Reduction Institute homepage.

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