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Alto Hotel [NC133, CN133]

Prior to certification, Alto Hotel had already committed to reducing their carbon footprint through offsetting emissions from electricity usage, fuel and flights directly with their service providers. NoCO2 certification furthers the hotel's strong commitment to sustainability and demonstrates ongoing efforts to contribute to a healthier environment.  

The Alto Hotel on Bourke has enhanced its reputation as one of Melbourne's leading hotels in guest satisfaction as well as innovation by becoming the Australia's first carbon neutral hotel. Some food & beverage style hotels, cabins and cottages have offset carbon from some of their services or provide an option for guests to pay for offsets, however Alto is the first city hotel to provide all of its services and facilities as carbon neutral within its pricing.

The Alto Hotel is a leader in sustainable tourism

"We have already been recognised as a leader in sustainable tourism yet wanted to ensure we continue to innovate and show that it is possible to have guilt free travel without compromising on quality or service," said Gary Stickland, General Manager of Alto Hotel on Bourke."Instead of simply paying someone to make our environmental footprint go away we have ensured that we have minimised our output as much as practical first, then made the decision to offset the remaining carbon that we have not been able to remove from our operations" he said. "All of our environmental initiatives have been made by considering our guests first. This means that some guests are not even aware that they have stayed in a sustainable hotel as we have designed our programs to effectively be behind the scenes and not require any effort from our guests, unless they want to be more involved." The hotel provides the key ingredient for the potential to have a low carbon holiday or business trip to Melbourne.

To achieve NoCO2 certification, Alto Hotel undertook a comprehensive carbon emissions audit that captured and quantified all of the hotel's greenhouse gas emissions. The audit included emissions from fuel and energy consumption onsite; staff travel, water and waste usage and flights taken by Alto Hotel staff. In addition, the embodied emissions in the hotel's assets and expenses items were also audited to capture indirect emissions from supply chain purchases and any products bought, used and sold through the hotel.

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Low Carbon Food & Beverage | Carbon Neutral Food & Beverage | Low Carbon Economy | Carbon Reduction Institute

Biopak [NC173, CN173]

BioPak was born out of the desire to provide packaging solutions while serving broader missions of environmental stewardship, social justice and consumer education.

At BioPak we provide Australian companies environmentally friendly solutions by supplying ecologically compatibility raw materials that do not negatively affect a products economic, social or practical usefulness

In addition to our wide range of biodegradable materials, our dedicated sales, market development and technical specialists work hand-in-hand with manufacturers, processors and end users to provide assistance with new product applications, product development and prototyping together with product performance testing and processing support.

The founders of BioPak offer a unique blend of experience in packaging engineering and innovation, product branding, retail and foodservice sales, and strategic marketing specific to the fresh foods industry. Within this scope, there is additional expertise in international sourcing and sales, logistics and supply chain management, as well as technical and field customer service.

By choosing to use disposable packaging made from plants, our customers are helping to save significant quantities of natural resources, while at the same time reducing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

With the most comprehensive range of bio based packaging materials, we are able to tailor a completely biodegradable packaging solution for your products. Enhancing your brand image and providing you with a unique marketing advantage.

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Low Carbon Food & Beverage | Carbon Neutral Food & Beverage | Low Carbon Economy | Carbon Reduction Institute

Environmental Enterprises [NC197, CN197]

Environmental Enterprises are Importers / Wholesalers of fully certified biodegradable & compostable catering & packaging products. They supply Australia wide to Government departments, Councils, schools, Tafes, Universities, festivals, restaurants, caterers & the public. A family owned & operated environmental packaging company since 1997 & original suppliers to the Sydney Olympic Games (2000) & Melbourne Commonwealth Games (2006).

Environmental Enterprises supply the following biodegradable and compostible products:

  • cutlery
  • plates
  • bowls
  • hot cups
  • cold cups
  • lids
  • fast food containers
  • garbage bags
  • shopping bags

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Low Carbon Food & Beverage | Carbon Neutral Food & Beverage | Low Carbon Economy | Carbon Reduction Institute

Genovese Coffee [NC247, CN247]

Genovese Coffee is a third generation family owned business, and is passionate about what they do. It all began in 1950 when the Genovese family came to Australia, and started out as in importer and distributor of Italian foods.  It then established a Melbourne branch, opened specifically to roast coffee for the Victorian market. The company’s primary aim was then, and is still today, to provide the Australian market with a true Italian espresso coffee experience. The business soon established itself as a popular Italian style coffee artisan.   It’s influence has widened, with branches also in Sydney and Cairns, making the Genovese Coffee range of products are available Australia wide. 

Genovese are also the Australian agent and distributor for “WEGA” espresso coffee machines, and are a key distributor for “MAZZER” espresso grinders… world leaders in espresso equipment.

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Low Carbon Food & Beverage | Carbon Neutral Food & Beverage | Low Carbon Economy | Carbon Reduction Institute

Jasper Coffee [NC117, CN117]

We are an Australian owned company, directed by Wells Trenfield and Merilyn Parker and established in Melbourne 1989.

Our business is built on quality product.  Comparing the unique varietal characteristics of our Coffees at our cupping bench, is the source of our passion and the driver of our endeavour.

Sustainability has always shaped how we do business.  For example, since 1989 we have offered Organic coffee. 

We operate three Caffeine Dealer retail concept stores in Fitzroy, Prahran Market & Chadstone Shopping Centre.  From here you can select Australia's largest range of coffees.

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Low Carbon Food & Beverage | Carbon Neutral Food & Beverage | Low Carbon Economy | Carbon Reduction Institute

Mount Warning Spring Water [NC041, CN041]

Mount Warning Spring Water is certified 100% Carbon Neutral - or NoCO2 - by the Carbon Reduction Instiute. This demonstrates our genuine commitment to offset all pollution generated by Mount Warning Spring Water’s business activities and authenticates our environmental and social ethos.

Our NoCO2 Certification is our customers’ guarantee that all greenhouse gas emissions created during the lifecycle of a bottle of Mount Warning Spring Water, from manufacture through to consumption and decomposition, are offset by our investments in green energy and carbon credits.

Mount Warning Spring Water is independently audited by The Carbon Reduction Institute on a quarterly basis. We are proud to be a carbon neutral business!

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Low Carbon Food & Beverage | Carbon Neutral Food & Beverage | Low Carbon Economy | Carbon Reduction Institute

Organic Bubs [CN098]

At Organic Bubs we are passionate about creating organic meals that nourish our bubs from the inside out, keeping their tiny growing bodies safe from pesticides & preservatives.

No numbers. No nasties. JUST REAL ORGANIC FOOD!
Organic Bubs are crammed with nutrient-rich superfoods ideal for babies first foods. All meals are allergy-friendly and certified Halal & Kosher.

Join us in taking baby steps towards a more sustainable planet by buying carbon neutral products & choosing organic for your family.

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Low Carbon Food & Beverage | Carbon Neutral Food & Beverage | Low Carbon Economy | Carbon Reduction Institute

Source Direct [NC139, CN139]

Source Direct is a locally owned business that supplies premium beverages.

We have grown to become one of the largest Australia-wide suppliers of custom labelled bottled water and premium Australian mineral waters.

Source Direct is a locally owned business that specialises in bringing the best fine food and beverage products to the marketplace. We have an extensive marketing and distribution network throughout Australia and our sales and customer services team have a penchant for personal service.

We are very proud of our near 100% customer retention record and we care about our associates, our customers, our suppliers and the environment we live in. That is why we have become a certified carbon neutral product supplier (NoCO2) and why we continue to seek ways to reduce our collective carbon footprint as well as encouraging like-minded partners to adopt a carbon reduction program of their own!

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Low Carbon Food & Beverage | Carbon Neutral Food & Beverage | Low Carbon Economy | Carbon Reduction Institute

The Observatory [NC106, CN106]

The Observatory Resort Hotel - Port Macquarie's best address - opened in 2004. Located above green parklands overlooking Port Macquarie's magnificent main beach, Town Beach, it features 88 deluxe apartments in a range of configurations over its seven storeys, and beautiful ocean views.

The Observatory has been accorded multiple awards for hospitality and tourism excellence, among them by Mid-north Coast Tourism, NSW Tourism and the Hotel Motel Accommodation Association of Australia and in the National Customer Service Awards.

The Observatory warmly welcomes guests visiting for business, conferences, tours and independent leisure to its centrally located spacious accommodation with state of the art appointments, premium restaurant and spa facilities and luxurious all-weather swimming pool.

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