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HIF [NC089, CN089]

HIF can help you wherever you are - Health Insurance Fund of Australia (HIF) is proudly Australian.  Since beginning in 1954, we have grown into a provider of high quality health insurance solutions to around 50,000 people across all age groups.  Most of our members live in WA, but we also cover individuals, couples and families from every other state and territory of Australia.

How can HIF deliver value for money?
- HIF is an open access, not-for-profit health fund.  Any surpluses we derive belongs to our members, and ultimately, are returned to members through lower premiums, new and better rebates and improved customer service.  We regularly improve benefits, we keep a “tight lid” on premiums and we don’t spend $millions on advertising.  Our best recruitment tool is member word of mouth.

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Low Carbon Financial Services | Carbon Neutral Financial Services | Low Carbon Economy | Carbon Reduction Institute

Highview Accounting [NC067, CN067]

Highview Accounting Services believes that a healthy environment is necessary for the well-being of our people and our business, and is the foundation for a sustainable and strong economy. 

We take seriously our responsibility as a member of the community and believe that as a leading business in the City of Casey we should play a constructive role in helping to address the challenges facing the environment and to reduce our impact as a firm and as individuals. To that end, we will work to ensure that our people, capital and ideas are used to help find effective market-based solutions to address climate change and other critical environmental issues, and we will seek to create new business opportunities that benefit the environment. We will work to identify policy measures that are creative, meaningful and provide a contribution to helping address environmental problems. In pursuing these objectives we will not stray from our central business objective of serving the long-term interests of our clients.

Highview Accounting Services acknowledges the scientific consensus that climate change is a reality and that human activities are largely responsible for increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. We believe that climate change is one of the most significant environmental challenges of the 21st century and is linked to other important issues such as economic growth and development, poverty alleviation, access to clean water, and adequate energy supplies. The way in which climate change is addressed will fundamentally affect the way present and future generations live their lives.

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Low Carbon Financial Services | Carbon Neutral Financial Services | Low Carbon Economy | Carbon Reduction Institute

Pinter & Partners [NC004, CN004]

At first glance our approach may seem procedural and prescribed; however our usual approach is friendly and informal. We find that the demands on business are often extremely high; however you do not need your adviser to become another problem... unless of course your undivided attention is required.

The way we maintain a relaxed approach is by dealing with the hard questions often, this way complexity becomes the norm and your near disaster will often turn into a welcome coaching session or time out from a demanding schedule.

Our experience may come from a number of areas; formal training, updates, seminars, ad hock research, or even an unrelated client, in all likelihood we are dealing with needs similar to yours right now.... if we haven't come across a new problem we would be delighted to assist.

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To read more about the benefits and process of making your business carbon neutral, please visit the Carbon Reduction Institute homepage.

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