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Eco Bin [CN252]

Eco Bin supplies colour coded office and business recycling bins to institutional and business customers across Australia. 

Contamination is the single most important issue hindering effective waste management, and Eco Bin is designed to take the confusion out of recycling with its easy to follow colour-coding and has a proven track record in improving recycling rates for businesses, therefore cutting business waste bills by eliminating landfill.

Attractive by design with foolproof colour-coding, Eco Bins prove popular with staff and thus quickly overcome recycling reluctance. Sticking to the colours means we can reach our goal to “reduce landfill rubbish by 85%”.

Designed specifically for use in offices, schools, hospitality and home environments, where everyone can easily help make a difference to the environment. Australian owned, Australian made - washable & recyclable.


Read more on recycling in Australia in this article written by John Engelander, owner of Eco Bin:

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Low Carbon Cleaning Services | Carbon Neutral Cleaning Services | Low Carbon Economy | Carbon Reduction Institute

Prime Facilities Management [NC145, CN145]

Prime Group was established in 1996 with the objective of providing local businesses with a personalised cleaning service with a European standard of quality which stood for something. We believed that a cleaning provider should be able to support their clients from both a quality perspective and an environmental perspective to ensure the best possible working environment for their employees.

This commitment to delivering a quality, environmental and efficient service focused on providing the best possible working environment for client’s staff saw the business grow rapidly.

Today Prime Group is an industry leader in the areas of innovation, sustainability and quality assurance and provides a range of facilities services from commercial cleaning to complete outsourced solutions.

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Make your business carbon neutral with the Carbon Reduction Institute

To read more about the benefits and process of making your business carbon neutral, please visit the Carbon Reduction Institute homepage.

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